‘Kicking On’ + Cavali Club

I’m so thrilled to announce that Kicking On is part of Cavali Club’s Summer Box!! If you haven’t heard of Cavali Club, they are an equestrian lifestyle subscription box full of premium, innovative products for both horse and rider. Cavali Club is delivered to your door each season.

Cavali Club was founded to better connect equestrians with novel and essential products that are additive to our specific needs and lifestyle. We want to be your source of discovery and enjoyment, so you can take impeccable care of your horse and yourself, too.

Kicking On is included in the Summer Box as it’s the perfect horsey, romantic, beachy read – and it’s not too late to order your own box! Head here to subscribe today!!


Hi everyone and welcome to my author site! If you’ve been following me for a bit, you might remember an older version of laurieberglie.com that wasn’t too exciting. Not long after I created it, I forgot all my usernames and passwords and never updated it again. Pathetic, right?

If you follow me from my Maryland Equestrian blog or Instagram, then you’ll know that those sites are devoted to all things equestrian lifestyle. This site will differ because it will only focus on my writing and editing – basically my freelance career and my novels. The Fiction tab details my two equestrian romance novels published thus far, (#3 is in the works!), and the Portfolio tab features my ‘other’ writing – magazine articles, blog posts, and copyedits.

Check back to this space to see updates on my books, new chapters, reviews, etc. – all things horse books and equestrian literature!

Also, if you’d like to collaborate on a project or need a writer and/or editor, please let me know! All my info is in the Contact tab.

Thanks for stopping by!


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